The boat build – Daily updates.

Our boat… “Illuminate”… is now starting to take shape.  She was finally delivered in the middle of last month by Humber RIBs to our boat builders at Quinquari Marine in St David’s, South Wales.

This blog aims to keep you up-to-date with the progress of the bespoke build.  Exciting times indeed!

We hope to bring her to Newhaven Marina on Thursday 10th June but there’ll regrettably be a wait for all of her documentation to be formalised with the Maritime Coastguard Agency. We need to ensure that every item onboard works perfectly during our sea trials before allowing any of you to come along for the ride.

Your time will come.

Day One (04.05.21):

The boat is delivered and put onto the trailer so as to facilitate its movement around the yard.  The stainless is polished and the excitement gathers momentum.








Day Two (05.05.21):

The helm console is lowered into position. By having the helm at the rear of the boat, they can not only keep a close eye on everyone but also give you the best views in the house!


Day Three (06.05.21):

I’m probably wrong to get excited about patches but these will not only provide the protection needed for the top of the tubes but also ideal foot placings to allow you to get on and off the boat with relative ease.


Day Four (07.05.21):

Nothing to report today I’m afraid. No more to see until Monday when hopefully we’ll be able to release a few more photos.

Have a great weekend…!


Day Five (21.05.21):

The eagle-eyed among you may have realised that Day Five is somewhat later than it should’ve been.  For reasons beyond our control, the build had a bit of a delay as all things seem to have done during this challenging time.

However, we’re now back on track and fingers crossed in less than three weeks, we’ll have our boat safely tucked up in Newhaven Marina…!

A-Frame fitted and all ready for the navigational equipment to be fitted.


Day Six (24.05.21):

Things are starting to gather momentum.  Both engines fitted.  Twin 250Hp Suzuki’s.  Relatively quiet.  Efficient… again relatively speaking.

They look stunning.


A little bonus shot just to round off an exciting day…


Day ‘Seven’ (02.06.21):

It’s not difficult to see from the above that we’ve had a few delays with the build.  All that’s going on in the world or rather not going on in the world has caused some real problems with supply of various parts and components for the construction process.  However, we feel that tomorrow maybe a real turning point and we’ll be heading to Wales to collect the boat next week.

Positive thoughts fill our office and hopefully we’ll have a great deal more to show you and report tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed…!

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