Commercial Charter - Anytime. Anywhere.

From a survey vessel to a large stable camera platform, we can happily provide charter vessels for a vast array of requirements including film, TV and media solutions.

We’ll happily provide safety boat cover for local rowing and sailing regattas, open water swimming events as well as diving operations whenever an extra boat is needed. If you’re looking for additional safety cover for projects where people are working on or around the high-water mark, we can provide assistance for all such eventualities.

Our skippers and crews are trained in specific rescue roles and practising paramedics and lifeguards can be provided where necessary.

If needing a survey vessel for marine sea bird population counts, climate change monitoring, coastal erosion investigations, environmental impact assessments, conservation programme monitoring, our RIB provides the ideal working environment for all of these applications.

There are so many commercial uses our boat can be chartered for so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’ve an idea you believe we can help with. Simply get in touch via our contacts page and we’ll come up with a solution for how we can best be of help.

Bespoke quotations will be provided upon request.

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