Two hour voyages
An educational experience for all onboard

You’ll be amazed at just how much can be seen in a couple of hours onboard with us. When cruising at speeds of up to 30 knots (approximately 35 mph), we can easily travel in excess of 40 miles even with the numerous stops we’ll do along the way admire the scenery and take photos. Don’t forget your camera!

Our boat trip from Seaford Bay to Eastbourne Pier keeps us relatively close to the coast but we can reach distances of approximately two miles offshore at times. However, you need to be relatively adventurous and happy with being on a boat if joining us on our voyage to the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm as we can be 10 or 11 miles away from land when exploring the turbines.

The boat is incredibly well designed so we’ll keep you nice and dry on the whole. There may well be a rogue wave or bit of spray but it’s definitely the exception not the norm if you do get wet.

We’d highly recommend bringing a waterproof jacket along no matter how nice the weather. It’s always cooler out at sea than on land so make sure you’re prepared.

Simply click on the links below to read a little more about what each trip involves.

If looking to spend a little less time onboard with us then simply click on the links below to discover our one hour voyages to either Beachy Head, Brighton Seafront or a sedate evening Sunset Cruise across Seaford Bay.

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