Seven sisters from the sea.

Our team. An enthusiastic group of professionals who want to share their time out on the water with you.

Sussex Boat Trips is a brand new venture, something owner John Simcock has wanted to achieve all of his life.  Historically, he’s spent the past 21 years working within the tourist industry but at 1400m above sea level, in the French Alps.  The current global situation meant it was time for a change.  Time to start fulfilling dreams!

His background and education within the maritime sector and love of power boating led to his position as a Commercially Endorsed Advanced Powerboat Instructor.  He also volunteers for the RNLI as a Navigator on the Newhaven Lifeboat.

Living locally, he spends many hours at sea and feels privileged to be able to witness the incredible white cliffs of the Seven Sisters and all of the wildlife the area has to offer.  He’s also aware of the sheer number of people who head to the South Downs National Park each year to get a glimpse of the cliffs from on land.  Nothing compares to the view of the cliffs from the sea and it’s his vision to give everyone the possibility to experience his view.

“Nothing compares to the view of the cliffs from the sea.”

In our first year, coupled with the many years of experience we have out on the water, we had the backing of the Ramsey Island team from St Davids in South Wales.  Their expertise at running sea safaris and sightseeing tours over the past 20 years will make us a formidable force.

Wind turbines.

Our love of the outdoors stems from many differing activities both past and present.  Working in such a fragile environment makes it even more important that we do all that we can to look after the marine ecosystems and geological integrity of our local surroundings together with the wider world.

However, it’s clear for all to see that we have two very large engines fitted to our RIB which don’t go hand in hand with our ecological ethos.  When choosing which engines we fitted to the boat, we leaned heavily towards those that offered the best fuel savings and in turn, produced the least pollution.

We have several schemes in the pipeline to help minimise our environmental impact but our greatest strength to combat the issue will be you, our passengers.  Whilst out on the water with us, you’ll be able to see exactly how climate change is badly affecting the Sussex Heritage Coast as coastal erosion gathers momentum in the region.  The cliffs are regularly battered by large waves from huge storms and their demise is well documented.

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Our ideology is simple.
To reduce coastal erosion through the slowing of climate change.

Whilst onboard, we’ll help point out subtle lifestyle changes we can make as individuals in order to reduce our impacts on our precious climate.  By making a few tiny changes in our daily lives, an enormous difference can be made collectively.

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