Skippered charter.

Private Skippered Charter - The ultimate in exclusivity

If there was ever a reason to treat yourself, then it’s now. If you’re anything like us then you’re longing for an escape and something to look forward to. A private skippered charter could be just what the doctor ordered.

If simply looking for a little more space or privacy onboard then a private skippered charter is for you. We can happily run one of our standard cruises for you, lasting either one or two hours. You’ll have sole occupancy of the boat for up to 12 passengers and you can stay safely within your group if necessary.

Alternatively, we can pre-plan a totally different trip for you, stopping off for a meal at either Brighton or Eastbourne marinas for instance. What about a few hours of peace and quiet in Cuckmere Haven, taking in the spender of the Seven Sisters and all that the coastline has to offer? There are beautiful, secluded places we can take you to simply unwind.

It may be that a loved one has passed away and you’d like to scatter their ashes at sea. We can provide a private and dignified solution enabling you and other close family members to join us for a short ceremony in an idyllic location close to Seaford Beach.

Ornithologists, military historians, conservationists and photographers can also take advantage of a private skippered charter. We’ll happily be guided by you as to how we can best be of help. You’ll receive our cheapest rates as it could cost less than £25.00 per person for an hour out on the water if you fill all 12 seats.

Private skippered charter is priced at a total cost of £295 for the first hour, £495 for a two hour period or three hours is £695. Bespoke quotations will be provided if looking for the ultimate day-long adventure out on the water.


The ultimate in exclusivity. Have the freedom to choose exactly who to join you and where you’d like to go.

See the Seven Sisters. Enjoy the tranquility of Cuckmere Haven for a picnic. The choice is yours.

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One hour private skippered charters can be booked easily using this form.  Simply click on your desired date and all of the available options will be listed.

  • Family get-togethers.
  • Significant birthdays.
  • Photography groups.
  • School parties.
  • Ashes scattering.

If looking to book a longer charter, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking here.



Private skippered charter offers a sense of freedom like no ordinary day out”.

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