Visit the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm.

Our boat trips to the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm have proved to be an incredible success from the first day we launched our new venture.  If you’re looking for a totally different day out this summer, then look no further.

I had the pleasure this morning of popping along to the Rampion Offshore Visitor Centre in Brighton.  I had a very warm reception from Natalie and Hannah who gladly showed me around and introduced me to all of the interactive displays they have on show.  If you’ve never been then I’d highly recommend having a look around next time you’re in the city.

Our voyage out to the Wind Farm takes place several times each week throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn.  It’s suitable for anyone older than 10 years of age and lasts approximately two hours.  We cover a little over 30 miles in total and will even incorporate a quick trip across to Brighton Pier if there’s time.

So what did I find out from my visit and what will we see when we head out to sea?

The Rampion Offshore Wind farm features 116 turbines.  They’re are made up of an 80m tall tower, a nacelle for the gear box and generation equipment, together with a hub connected to three 55m long blades.  When vertical, the tip of the turbine blade reaches to 140m, which is just taller than the Brighton i360’s viewing pod at its top height!

The turbines sit on top of foundations, comprising single steel monopiles and bright yellow transition pieces, designed so they integrate together perfectly.  There are 12 rows of nine to 10 turbines that are connected by array cables taking the power to a single offshore substation.  A total of 140km of array cables are buried in a network under the seabed.  Laid end to end, the array cables would stretch from Brighton to London and back.

Our crew aim to make your trip to the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm as informative as possible.  We’ll be armed with many facts and figures and we’ll ensure you have a fantastic time whilst out on the water with us.

If you have a few minutes, have a look at the website for the Rampion Visitor Centre to see how many facts you can come up with.  Our crews are as keen to learn about all that can be seen off our shores as you are so hopefully you can teach them something on your trip too!

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