Rampion Windfarm.

Rampion Offshore Wind Farm. An Informative Adventure…!

Arguably our most educational and informative voyage. This excursion is aimed at those who aren’t worried about being further out to sea and want to experience the magnificence of a wind farm at close quarters.

The voyage takes place several times each week throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. We’d highly recommend this trip to anyone from 10 years old upwards as it lasts approximately two hours. We cover a little over 30 miles altogether.

The Rampion Offshore Wind Farm is currently the only offshore wind farm along the South Coast of England.

It produces the equivalent amount of electricity used annually by half of the homes in Sussex.


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The wind farm is located southwest of our home here in Newhaven and stretches from Brighton in the east to Worthing in the west. We’ll head out to the turbines to get up close and personal before returning via Brighton and back along the cliffs of Telescombe and Peacehaven.

It isn’t out of the question that we’ll spot dolphins en route. Their sightings are well documented locally. It’s pretty rare but if we’re going to see them anywhere then it’s likely to be on this boat trip lasting approximately two hours.


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